BIG NEWS! The Trews are Coming to Celebrate Cheese’s Birthday!

Okay, so the title might be a bit of a stretch.

The Trews are coming to Sudbury and your friends in Vintage Slang are opening the show!

We’re pretty honoured to play with these guys, they are our a big influence on us!

Matt and I travelled down to Bala to see them last summer and watched them rock a packed house.  If that was any indication of what you can expect in Sudbury, you can expect to see an awesome show.  We’re hoping to see you guys out there on Saturday April 15th!  It also happens to be birthday weekend for Mr. Matt Cheese, so let’s just have it be a big birthday part for him!

Did we mention the show is for a good cause and in support of NEO Kids?  Well, there’s a few really good reasons to go check it out.

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